Hoopdarshan Episode 23: Basketball in Exile - How basketball bonds the Tibetan refugee community in India

January 4, 2016
In early October, Hoopdarshan co-host Karan Madhok traveled to McLeodganj and Dharamshala - hill-stations in the Indian Himalayas home to a vibrant community of Tibetan refugees - with photographer Angad Sodhi to discover how basketball bonds the displaced population together. The epic trip turned into a story for the upcoming issue of SLAM Magazine (# 195) encapsulating together sports, politics, and travel. In Episode 23 of Hoopdarshan, host Kaushik Lakshman, Karan and Angad talk about the story behind the story, featuring the refugees' affinity for basketball, the Tibetans' relationship with China and India, unforgettable characters from McLeodganj, and the quest for the perfect momo. 

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