RIP Kobe Bryant + Hoopdarshan Episode 88: India’s internationally-acclaimed FIBA official, Norman Isaac

February 4, 2020

Hoopdarshan pays its tributes to the late great black mamba, as they talk about reactions to receiving news of Kobe Bryant's passing before moving on to Episode 88 that was recorded days before the tragedy.


In the latest episode of the Indian basketball podcast Hoopdarshan, we welcome Norman Swaroop Isaac, India's own FIBA Technical Delegate and Commissioner who has officiated high-level international matches for decades, including the recent FIBA World Cup Final. Isaac speaks to co-hosts Kaushik Lakshman and Karan Madhok about working a big event like the World Cup, the evolution of international basketball officiating over the years, how to improve the status of Indian basketball, and his own playing days for Andhra Pradesh. 

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